Former Clients Of The Closed Immigration Advisory Service Have Until 28 May To Request Their Files Before They Are Destroyed

19th May 2012

The Immigration Law Practitioners' Association has asked for the following information to be widely distributed.  Former clients of Immigration Advisory Service, which was closed down, only have until 28 May 2012 to request their files from the Administrators, before their files will be destroyed.

Any requests received aftermidnighton 28 May 2012 will not be considered.

Contact details are:

Email (preferred):                  

Fax:                                                     020 7268 2151

Post:                                                    Immigration Advisory Service

                                                             C/OCorkGully LLP

                                                             52 Brook Street


                                                             W1K 5DS

 Or by telephone:                              0207 268 2150

If you contact by telephone you must have ready as many details as you can to assist the Administrators in seeking to locate your file.  If you contact by the other preferred methods, you must also give full details, preferably by completing form below (you can print this blog and use the form below).

Immigration Advisory Service (in Administration)
Archived File Request Form
Please complete and return this form as soon as possible and in any event before midnight on 28 May 2012  if you wish to request your IAS file.
 Please provide as much of the information as you can. This will increase your chances of having your file located on the computer system of the Immigration Advisory Service
Please note that the Joint Administrators will do their best to locate your file however the Joint Administrators cannot provide any guarantees that your file can be located and provided to you.
Please complete this form clearly and fill in as many parts as you can. This will increase the chances of finding your file.
If you require your file to be located and retrieved urgently, for example because you have a hearing taking place in the very near future, please tell us and explain why it is urgent.

Client Name
Former Names (if applicable)
Names of any dependents (if applicable)
IAS Client Reference -
IAS Office
Home office reference or Port reference
Residential Address
(at the time IAS was acting for you)
Date of Birth
Is your request urgent?
If urgent, please give reasons
Your Current Address (this is where we would send your file)
Print Name

Please return your completed form by one of the following methods:
Email (preferred):                      
Fax:                                                        020 7268 2151
Post:                                                       Immigration Advisory Service
C/O Cork Gully LLP
                                                                                52 Brook Street
                                                                                W1K 5DS
This form must be returned by midnight 28th May 2012.
Under no circumstances will requests be considered after this date.
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