Recent Examples Of Work Undertaken At Wornham & Co

1st Mar 2013

We have recently:

Assisted several organisations swiftly apply for a Sponsor License to sponsor migrant workers in the UK under both the Tier 2(General) and Tier 2(ICT) categories of the points based system.  We has successfully expedited applications, where necessary. 

Dealt with Tier 2 (General) application, in-country, by way of same day processing using our Representatives slot at UK Border Agency, where necessary.

Assisted in Tier 2 (ICT) entry clearance applications.  We assisted by preparing the applications in the UK and posting them out to the respective clients in South Africa and New Zealand.  This included advising appropriately on the differing procedures in each country.  Both applications were approved within 4 weeks.
Advised a Ghanaian national, who had applied herself for entry clearance to the UK as the spouse of a British citizen, but was refused on the basis that the Entry Clearance Officer did not believe that the relationship was genuine and subsisting.  The client had also appealed against this decision herself, but the appeal was refused.  We drafted grounds of appeal for an application for permission to appeal, and permission has been granted.
Assisted clients by providing the appropriate advice in respect of the financial requirements introduced into the Immigration Rules on the 09.07.2012, for migrants applying for entry clearance/leave to remain as the partner of a person present and settled in the UK.  We have appropriately advised clients on how to meet the contentious requirements and on the correct documentation to be provided in support.
Assisted in advising a Pakistani national apply for naturalisation as a British citizen.  The client had previously made the application using another firm of solicitors who had failed to advise the client on the good character requirement and the application was refused.  We assisted by advising the client on all aspects of the requirements and the requisite documentation in support of the application.  The application was submitted when the client met all of the requirements and the application was approved.
Advised and prepared applications for naturalisation as a British citizen and for the registration as British citizens for children.  These applications have been decided within 4 weeks.
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