How We Have Helped

Personal Immigration Service

Trevor Wornham, Principal Solicitor, attended an immigration interview at the request of a Chinese businessman, to assist him successfully obtaining leave to enter as a business visitor. This was done by having face-to-face discussions with the Immigration Officer following the interview, and making representations to clarify why the Chinese businessman was a business visitor, and was not a representative of an overseas business requiring prior entry clearance.

Specialist Citizenship Advice

An elderly Zimbabwean national sought advice on switching her status in country from visitor to dependent relative of her British citizen daughter. By taking full instructions and undertaking research, we were able to advise on and obtain the client a Certificate of Entitlement of the Right of Abode through her former marriage. This status gave her greater rights, and overcame the evidential problems the client had with the proposed dependent relative application.

Practical Legal Advice

A UK business needed to continue to employ a Nigerian national who was on a Tier 1 (Post Study Work) as an engineer, but his leave was soon to expire and the business was not registered as a licensed sponsor with UKBA.  We dealt with advising on, preparing and expediting the sponsor licence application, and with the Certificate of Sponsorship and Leave to Remain as a Tier 2 applications, to ensure the business and employee's work suffered no interruption.  The matter was successfully resolved.

Creative Legal Solutions

An employer wished to sponsor a failed Iranian asylum-seeker to work for him. A fresh asylum and human rights' application was made, based on a new country expert report. The application was successful on appeal with the Iranian national able then to start work.

Innovative Applications 

A US national wanted to remain in the UK with her elderly British-born mother. We assisted with an application Outside of the Rules, which, with her MP's assistance, resulted in a debate in Parliament and a promise to change an arbitrary, discriminatory provision in the UK Nationality Laws. The change to the law has now been made, and the US national can register as a British citizen.

Complex Immigration Situations

An 11 year old Jamaican national visited his aunt in the UK. For compelling family reasons, he could not return home, and the aunt put in the application for the child to stay with her slightly late. The application did not evidence all required points and the application was refused without appeal. Family solicitors obtained a Residence Order for the child, and the client then instructed us to act, aged 16.

We made a full, fresh application, advising this was likely to be refused, but that there would be a small chance of success in a human rights appeal against that refusal. The client wished to proceed, based upon that chance of success. The application and appeal were extensively prepared, and the appeal allowed, the Jamaican national being 19 at the time of the appeal hearing.

Effective Immigration Solutions

A Gambian student instructed us after his Tier 4 student application was first rejected because the form had not been fully completed, and then refused due to lack of funds. He thought that the only way to resolve his situation would be to return to Gambia and apply for a visa to return. However, we advised him that in certain circumstances the immigration rules permit in-country applications even where a person who previously had leave as a student (or under Tier 4) is now an overstayer. We advised him on how to resolve the issue regarding his funds, and then submitted a fresh Tier 4 application. This was approved allowing him to complete his course.

Commercially Aware Advice

A Chinese national came to us having been refused further leave to remain as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur). He had applied to switch from Tier 4 (Student). A further in-country application would have fallen for refusal, so we assisted with a judicial review application of the refusal decision. The Home Office conceded the matter, and granted Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) status at an early stage in proceedings.

Same-Day Decision Services

A Brazilian client needed to be granted indefinite leave on the basis of his Work Permit employment very quickly in order to be able to travel. We assisted with representing him at the Home Office by way of a same-day service and decision for him.

Cost Effective & Client-Focused Advice

An Iranian national wanted to apply in-country to remain in the UK and to appeal any refusal of this. In his circumstances, such an application stood no chance of success as the law stood at that time. He accepted our advice to go to Iran to apply for a visa to return to have continuing access to his children, who had indefinite leave in the UK and lived with his ex-wife. We successfully assisted him with the visa application, avoiding wasted costs on a further in-country application and appeal. This enabled him to return to the UK to continue to have access to his children, and live and work here. This type of visa will also lead, on further application, to his settlement in the UK.


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